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Halloween at Voyage


(Source: District Calendar )


• We are excited for parents to return to Voyage Academy for our annual Halloween Parade! Parents are invited to come to the school at 9:00 AM for our parade. • This year, due to restrictions, our parade will be held outside. Parents will enter through the side gates and line up around the perimeter of the blacktop and back sides of the school. In case of inclement weather, the parade outside will be cancelled and we will post a video of our Halloween Parade for parents to view. • If parents will be participating in activities within the school during the day, you will need to enter the school through the front office to get a badge after the parade. Please do not enter the school through the back or side doors even if you have previously gotten a badge from the office. • Students are welcome and encouraged to wear their Halloween costumes to school for Halloween celebrations. • Students are not permitted to bring weapons with their costume. • Masks that cover the entire face will also NOT be allowed with Halloween costumes. • Minimal face paint is allowed as long as it is not distracting, gory, or scary. • For the safety of our students, all students need to be able to be identified while at school. Any costume which will prevent a student from being able to be easily identified will not be allowed.


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