Voyage Academy

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My Bio

Hi! My name is Kellie, but I go by Mom to my three beautiful kids, and “Sparkle Lunch Lady” to the terrific students of Voyage. 


I first became interested in Voyage when my friend told me about their standard of excellence- though truth be told, I thought it was too good to be true. But then I walked into Voyage, and I immediately loved it. I soon realized how truly wonderful Voyage is when after only 1 semester my kid’s grades and excitement for learning improved leaps and bounds! The more I came to the school, the more I wanted to become part of the Crew. 

I have worked in the kitchen at Voyage for just over a year, and I have the best job in the world. Each day is brightened by not only seeing my own kids, but also the 500 other kids I'm lucky enough to spend breakfast and lunch with. 


A little about me: I love words and music and will dissect song lyrics until everyone around me is crazy. I love to read, clean, do yard work and watch veggies grow in my garden. I also love crafting, laughing and being silly! But my ABSOLUTE favorite thing ever is my weekly date nights with the world's greatest husband!


My day is filled with constant laughing with amazing co-workers, smiling at the students happy faces, and sprinkling “sparkles” all over their lunch.