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About me

I am originally from New Jersey.  My high school mascot was a green dragon, which started my love of the fictional character.  My favorite subjects were always math and computers.  After high school, I joined the Navy and stayed with it for 20+ years.  I traveled all over the world and saw many wonderful places.  After retiring from the Navy, I worked at a few places until I settled on a job with LOWES.  It was a great place to work and I quickly became a department manager, until I decided to go back to school and become a teacher.  Voyage Academy is a dream come true.  A work place that I love to go to everyday and I am making a difference in the lives of the kids I am honored to interact with everyday.
I currently live in North Ogden with my wife Nora and daughter Samantha.  I also have three cats named Hermione, Cheese, and Otter. We love to go to the movies, play games, and spend time together as a family. I also enjoy reading, gaming, and cooking. Most of all I love teaching!!!!


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2 field work opportunities are available.

Tuesday - March 7th - We will be going to the IMAX theater in Centerville via buses and seeing a documentary about space.  I need 3 chaperones for this one.

Friday - March 10th - I sent a flyer home for this one.  We will be going to the Davis County Sewage Division to learn about bacteria.  We will be utilizing parents as drivers for this.  It is not far from the school.  I need at least 5-8 drivers for this one.  You must have a seatbelt for each child in the back seat.  Your child is the only one that can sit in the front seat.  You must have your drivers license and insurance card filed in the office.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you are able to assist.

Lastly we have been out of snacks for some time.  If you are able to donate some snacks for the crew that would be awesome.  By lunch time this crew is famished and the snack at 1030 really helps them stay focused.

Friday Update...

It has been a long but rewarding week. We have started a new phase in our reading. Meeting in smaller groups and focusing in on specific text. Plus the vocab and spelling and writing. Keeps the crew busy and prepares them for the rigors of junior high. They are doing so well!!!
Math will take us on a different ride to the world of geometry. I like this section because it is pretty exact. Nothing but formulas and math. It will be fun.
The kiddos learned how to write in Chinese and a bit about the culture that was China. It saddens me that we are almost finished with ancient civilizations and will be moving on to Science. The last section. Thanks for the microscopes. I will let the kids know when to get them in here.
As always please contact me as soon as possible if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to hearing from you. Have a great weekend!

Friday Update...

Hello... I have to say that I love my job and these kiddos.  Every day they amaze me at how well they learn, how mature they can be, and simple how awesome they are. 

I am going to front load a few things first: :)

  1. I asked the crew to bring in service hours again. I asked that they turn them in by Friday (2/10) next week. I have also created a chart in the classroom for the crew to check on their progress so far and will update it as they bring them in.
  2. I was wondering (hoping) if anyone has access to microscopes? 6 to 27 of them would be wonderful. Our microorganism units will start soon and it would be a great asset to have access to.
  3. Valentine’s Day (2/14) is coming and we will be having a party towards the end of the day. If your child would like to make and bring in a "valentines box" please do. Please keep them home until Valentine’s Day.
  4. Finally, I can use some assistance with the Valentine’s Party. If you are willing to run or help out with supplies, please let me know as soon as possible. :)

A lot has been going on with Costello's Crew the last couple weeks. In class we are burning through Expressions and Equations and the class for the most part are getting it. It is the foundation for their algebra classes coming up next year.

Ancient Civilizations is coming to a close and we are going to start our last unit on microorganisms. If they do not like to wash their hands now they most likely will after this expedition. :)

Frightful's Mountain saw the crew perform an amazing fishbowl activity (Ask your kids about that) and move on to a research unit for the same topic... DDT.

Our Community Circle went well and I have received many compliments on their performance. I personally think it as the best of all of them. I am a little biased.

My apologies for missing Math Club this Wednesday.  I was a very under the weather on Wednesday.  It killed me not to have it.

As always if you have any concerns, questions, or comments please do not hesitate to contact me.  I am here for you!!!

Friday Update...

What a crazy 2 weeks it has been. I hope you all enjoyed your break. I personally thought it was to long. I missed my kiddos to much. It was nice to spend time with the family though. We had a nice relaxing break at the Costello house.
We have moved well through the curriculum and have started a new civilization in Social Studies, moved through expressions and will move on to equations next week in math, and have completed a goal writing assignment in writing. Not to mention almost completed a unit of Frightful's Mountain. We also have begun utilizing the practice (BENCHMARK) tests in the SAGE testing. This is a great way for the kids to see and manipulate the test and I am able to get assistance.
We have another trip planned to the Utah Museum of Natural History on January 30th. I need 5 chaperones, first come first on the bus. Please respond to this email if you are interested.
Finally, the battle for missing assignments still marches on. I have entered all the papers into ASPIRE that I have thus far. Out of the 100's of papers I entered I had 11 'No Name' papers. Please feel free to take a look at the portal and check out the grades and missing assignments. If you have questions just respond to this email or REMIND message me or call and we can set up a meeting.

Have a great holiday break...

Another year has passed by so quickly. We had a great day. I hope the kiddos enjoyed the relaxing time. Thanks to Mrs Stephens, Mrs Dixon, and Mrs Rosenberg for making the day even better. Hot Chocolate and treats galore.
We did get some learning in as those that turned in their book reports were able to present them to the class. They were amazing as usual and I love that they are getting better as the year goes by.
PLEASE DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE SERVICE PROJECT ON DEC 22nd at the the Clinton Cemetery. It will be at 0100 until completed. With the numbers projected to come it will not take long at all. If you have any question please ask. They just asked that you wear warm clothes and show up ready to roll.
Have a great break, a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, and a wonderful holiday.

Friday Update...on Sunday

Another great week with Costello's Crew. We are finally completed with our brochure, which is the culmination of our weeks of study of the solar system and the universe. Tomorrow at 0845 we will have our celebration of learning. Please come down and see what they have put together. They have done an awesome job. Math was a week of fluency practice. We will be testing fluency this week for real. I think the practice will have helped them. We started a new book called "Frightful's Mountain." It is a book from the perspective of Frightful, a peregrine falcon. The class is really enjoying the story. Next week is a short week. Full day on Monday and half day on Tuesday. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving break. I have entered all the grades in to the portal that I have.

Another Wonderful Week

This has been a crazy week for 6th grade.  Beginning of a new term, SLC's preparations, end of our expedition coming up, Service Crew and Student Counsel in full gear and my team still found time to honor my service in the Navy.  
Our can drive is in full swing and I think we are close to 500 plus cans already.  We are so proud of the work the crew has done.  Next week the Service Crew will be going to Golden Coral and giving the cards made by the entire school to the veterans as they enjoy a great meal.
I was so touched, humbled and proud to be a Viking today.  Ms Treseder and Mrs Caldwell made my Veteran's Day one to remember.  They are the best team anyone could ask for.  Thanks for all those that were there this morning.
Math has taken us into the next unit of study Ratio, Rates, Proportion and Percentages.  The crew is starting to understand what it takes to go shopping and get the most for your money.
Next week we start our new book called "Frightful's Mountain."  It is a great book that will go with our writing of argumentative essays.  It should be lots of fun.
Science Expedition is coming to an end.  We are planning our Celebration of Learning for early on Monday (Nov 21st) morning.  0845 to 0945.  We figured it would be easier that the end of the day since kids are being dropped off.  Probably best to park across the street at the church for the event.
As always please contact me if you any concern, question or comments.  Have a great weekend...

Friday Update...on Sunday

Last week was a wonderful usual.  The planetarium visit was the jewel of the week.  It was an excellent field work were the the kiddos had a chance to check out the universe and all that it has to offer.  The planetarium was refurbished and it is amazing.  Technology was introduced to help get the points across.  The Front Runner portion was eye opening.  Our kids were so much more behaved than another local school was.  I was once again proud to be a teacher at Voyage.  I actually gave my class an extra (needed) class point.
Math we are coming to an end of the Number System portion of our learning. We are currently on measurement.  So far most of the crew is holding on.  Graphing was amazing.  Just about everyone in the class was a 3 or 4.  :)
Science has taken us to the moon cycles and the beginning of our expedition. The crew has been assigned a part of the universe that they must research and eventually create a brochure to teach those that need knowledge.  They will be given time in class to research, as well as lectures and some experts.
I am excited about of service opportunities this month.  Lots of food gathering, potential for racking leaves and possibly shoveling snow.
We are almost completed with Lightening Thief and will move on to Frightful's Mountain next.  Excellent book!!!
As always if you need anything please call, email, REMIND or set up a time to come see me.

Short but wonderful week...

This was a great week.  I am sad to see it end... As I sit hear listening to the Math club sing "It's Summer!"  I reflect on how amazing the kids are.  They are practicing graphing on a coordinate plane.  Some are making animals and other boats.  The best way to learn graphing is to plot.
Math next week will takes into more plotting and customary and metric measurements.
Our night our was amazing.  It was a great way to kick off our expedition.  We saw 4 planets, many constellations, the International Space Station and so much more.
Have a safe and happy break.  Your kiddos deserve it.  They have been working so hard. :) 

Nice day to end on...

Friday was amazing.  We got so much done.  The Vocabulary test was amazing! Everyone either improved or at least passed.  I am so happy about the results.
Thanks for the emails back on the upcoming events.  We have plenty of cider coming and the Halloween party is moving along.  I still need a couple of chaperones and drivers.
Science we have take a small hiatus to explore early man.  The crew are finding out where we  may have come from according to scientists.  They are really excited to learn this.  In November we will continue with ancient civilizations.
Math has taken us to the understanding of numbers all the way to rational numbers.  Ask what they are (Natural, Whole, Integer, and Rational)???
We have 2 more winners of #awesomness awards;  Maren Jones and Logan Kelley both consistently provide me with High Quality Work.  Congratulations to both of them and job well done.
Short Week next week.. Half day on Wednesday.   

Better Late then never...

Friday was a little crazy so I am getting to this today...  I hope you all can get used to me calling your kids amazing, because it is the truth.  This week was amazing as usual.  The class did such an amazing job with the evacuation drill.  I was proud and very impressed with their performance.  We talk about emergency situations and how we practice like it is for real.  They rose to the challenge!!!
Reading we finished the first Unit and are diving in to Unit 2 next week.  It was rush by quickly and we will soon have the Lightening Thief completed.  We were stalled a little by all the things that life in school throws at us.
​Writing we are at the end of writing a narrative story.  The crew has built it in stages and are in the process of writing the actual story.  I love this because the crew gets to write what they want for a journey with minimal constraints.  They are really embracing this process.
Math we hit dividing fractions and the crew blew the test away.  I am in awe of how well they did actually.  Next week we get into integers and take number to a whole new level.
Science we are ending the Heat, Light, and Sound unit and are preparing to start our Universe Expedition soon.
Social Studies we are going to get into net week.  It is all based on World civilizations and where we came from.  How civilizations became and why they went away.
Lastly we have 3 activities this month...
1. On the 18th at 0700pm we will invite you all to come to the school and hang out and watch the sky.  This is our kick off to our expedition.  It should be fun.  Bring chairs, blankets, telescopes, binoculars and be ready to see the sky in a whole new way.
2.  On the 25th we are going to the Clark Planetarium to explore the universe and our solar system.  I still need chaperones and people to drive to the Frontrunner.  More information will come home next week, but if you are willing please email me.
3.  On the 31st at 0145 we will have our Halloween party in the classroom.  I am not sure who signed up to run the party.  As organized as I am this year (A personal goal of mine is to organize my files better) I lost the sign up.  So if you signed up to run the party or help please email me.

Friday's are Awesome

     According to Carl Azuz that is... I miss my kids when they are gone over the weekend.  :)  Another wonderful week, these kids are amazing.  
     Math took down the road of Least Common Multiple and the distributive property.  Both are tools for used in future math.  They crew did amazing of the quiz today.  So Proud!!!
     Science was primarily about light and why we see what we do.  We will have a quiz on Monday, and on to Sound.
     I sent an email out concerning our first events.  Our expedition kickoff at 0700pm on the 18th and our first fieldwork on the 26th.  I have not gotten much feedback.  Still looking for equipment and treats for the 18th and driver/chaperones on the 26th.
     DARE is going great the kids love Officer Butcher.  He is new to us this year, but doing a great job.  The kids are getting great advice on how to make the right choices on their own when we are not around.
     I wanted to say thank you to all those that are sending in treats during the month.  September was great.  If you are able please keep them coming for October.  It really does help.  I also want to thank you for your help in the penny wars and all the other activities and support you have done.  You are the best :)

Friday Update

What a great week.  Homecoming week is my favorite week of the year.  Well, one of my favorites.  All week the crew and I have talked about what makes a CREW.  We talked discussed the idea that that CREW is similar to FAMILY.  They made some great connections. The PEP rally brought home the idea that once a Viking...Always a Viking.  We also talked about how, just like family, you don't always get along with folks, but in the long run you still take care of one another.  POWERFUL WEEK!!!!!

Math gave the crew some more tools to use to play with numbers:  Divisibility, Factors/Multiples and Prime/Composite numbers, and Greatest Common Factor.  These tools will help manipulate the number in just the right way.

Science we learned about Light and why we see things around us.  Technically rainbows are all around us.

In Writing we are getting closer to writing our own narrative writing.  We have built Protagonists and Antagonists and have learned about plot and setting.  Next week will be fun!!!

Thanks for all your support and help.   I am blessed to have a great CREW and they are blessed to have such a great support system at home.

As always contact me if you have any issues or concerns.

Celebrating Awesomeness today in sixth grade.  Each class gets to pick the two people that best represent the theme of the month.  This month was Respect and responsibility.  Averi and Tyler were my selections and I was happy to present them with these certificates.  I have to say it was a tough choice as I mentioned to them they are all so respectful and responsible.  
Have a great weekend...oh and ask your kiddos about the heat article in their TAkE HOME folder.

6th Grade Kickoff at RUSH Flunplex in Syracuse this Friday!!!