Voyage Academy

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Anna Stanton- Office Administrator

Anna Stanton believes in the power of education, community and striving for excellence in all things. Her commitment to education fuels her passion to help the youth learn, grow and develop to their full potential. She served on the founding board of Voyage Academy, with much excitement to bring expeditionary learning to our youth. Anna had the opportunity to continue working with the school and the students, and accepted the position of Office Administrator at Voyage Academy, where she is able to play an integral role in the school and students success. To support her belief of building a strong community, Anna has served the citizens of Clinton City for over 12 years as a member of the Clinton City Council. Her commitment to build the community into a safe, thriving environment is evident. Having been a business owner herself, Anna understands the importance of having a community where opportunity is abundant, and she is willing to make the sacrifices and decisions needed to do so.

On weekends, you can find Anna most likely at a nearby park or field, cheering on, organizing, or volunteering to provide recreational activities for the youth. One of the biggest joys in Anna’s life has been watching her two sons play sports in tournament and city leagues. She values these organizations and the character and teamwork they build in our youth. There is nothing quite like the look of pride and satisfaction on the face of child who feels they are accomplishing something hard and the acceptance felt when they are a part of a team. Anna also enjoys spending time with her beautiful daughter. Any time left, which isn’t much, Anna enjoys reading, shopping and laughing with her daughter and traveling with her husband and family.